The Chronological Order Of The Signs Of The Reappearance Of Imam AlMahdi, May Allah expedite His Reappearance

الترتيب الزمني لعلامات ظهور الامام المهدي المنتظر عجل الله تعالى فرجه
عربي البريد الألكتروني



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Research Introduction

Is There Really Imam AlMahdi Coming?

Purpose Of Researching Imam AlMahdi Reappearance Signs

Do We Have To Watch For Imam AlMahdi Reappearance Signs?

Types of Imam AlMahdi Reappearance Signs?

Is It Forbidden To Time Imam AlMahdi Signs?

Will We Impede Imam AlMahdi Coming?

Is There A Sequence For Imam AlMahdi Reappearance Signs?

Research References

Signs of The Reappearance Of AlImam AlMahdi

The Known Day

Imam AlMahdi Reappearance Day

Imam AlMahdi Companions

Earth Collapse Near AlMadina

Immaculate Person Killing In Mecca Haram

Alhejaz Governor Death

Ramadhan Month Events

Ramadhan Month Eclipses

Column of Fire in Sky

Redness in Sky

Mid Ramadhan Month Events

Ramadhan Month Scream in Sky

Flimsy Sky

Sunrise From The West

Conversion of Some People into Pigs and Monkeys

Ramadhan Month Heavens Call

End of Astrological Timing

Rajeb Month Events

Rajeb Month Scream in Sky

Pointing Hand in Sky

Face Image on Moon

AlSufiani Appearance

AlKhurasani Appearance

AlYamani Alhashemi Appearance

Star in The East

Jumada Month Events

Circesium battle

Destructive World Wars

Fighting Troops in Syria

Black Flags Troops

Pale Face Leader - Alashab

Piebald Leader - Yellow Flags Troops

Bni Qais Troops

Alhasania Troops

Almansoor Alyamani Alqhatani Appearance

Kufa (Iraq) Events

Kurds Endtimes Events

Turks Endtimes Events

Romans Endtimes Events

Knotting A Bridge Past Alkarkh

Damascus Call - Earthquake


Euphrates Treasure


Dajjal - Anti-Christ

Buratha Masjid

Imam AlMahdi Reappearance Time in Narration

Research Results

The Chronological Order of The Signs of The Reappearance of Imam AlMahdi

Preparation for Imam AlMahdi reappearance Events

Penitence and Piety (Taqwa) Are The Essence of Salvation

Protection From World Wars

Protection From Ramadhan Events

Protection From Endtimes Turmoil

Related Miscellaneous Issues

Did The Prodigy Comet Pass By Earth Previously?

Endtimes In Other Cultures

Endtimes Possibilities



The Properties And Sequence Of The Signs Of

The Reappearance Of The Awaited Imam AlMahdi

And End Times Events


A logical neutral analysis of all Islamic resources



For detailed description of each sign, use the left side menu .

For a monthly chronological summary of the signs, use the right side menu .

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The results of this research work are not for determining the timing of the reappearance of Imam AlMahdi (AJ), but to look forward to the signs in certain months and days, and to determine what are we to look forward to, as accurately as possible. This is similar to the way we look for the sign of the new moon of Eid AlFitr (the festival of end of fasting) for example (which is the sign of the Eid- the sequence of the sign) on the 29th day of the month of Ramadhan (the timing of the sign), in sighting the new moon (the crescent) on the west horizon after sun set (the position of the actual sign and it timing) and how do we recognize the form of the crescent (the nature of the sign). It is only by sighting the crescent with this form, position, and timing that the sign of the Eid of Fitr is determined.




Furthermore, the purpose of this research is not to predict end times events and pinpoint the characters mentioned in the narrations in advance before its manifestation, but to get educated about its detailed features in order to identify end time events and characters when they manifest. Meaning, when an event occurs or a character appears that match, in features, actions, and its sequence, an event or character mentioned in the narrations, then we can recognize it and consider that sign been fulfilled.



Previously, we called to observe the fulfillment of end times signs in the year 1437 current Hijri / 1396 Original Hijri - 2017 because it met several factors mentioned in the narrations which are repetitive in nature. But Nothing been fulfilled. Accordingly, we revised the observing dates to the next possible year; 1438 current Hijri - 2018 and 1399 original Hijri - 2020, hoping that the reappearance of Imam AlMahdi (AJ) will manifest. We have no other option other than observing and looking up for the manifestations of the end times signs. If no sign will be fulfilled, we will revise our dates to the next expected time and so on... 


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  4. Write down commentaries, scientific critiques, or the results of your research work regarding every sign, in the place below, on the page related to the signs, for the purpose of further activation of discussions of every one sign at a time.

  5. Download or print out the chronological order of the signs of the reappearance of the awaited for AlMahdi (AJ), may Allah expedite his happy outcome; and look attentively for the signs.





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Count Down of the Signs

  Preceding Years

  Dhul Hijjah - 2 years before

  Jumada Alawal - a year before

  Jumada Alakhirah - Shawal - a year before

  Dhul Qadah - a year before

  Dhul Hijjah - a year before

  Muharm - a year before


  Rabee' Alawal

  Rabee' Alakhirah

  Jumada Alawal

  Jumada Alakhirah





  Dhul Qadah

  Dhul Hijjah

Muharm - Appearance month

  Published 10 Muharm 1435 \  13-11-13

The chronological order of the signs of the reappearance of AlImam AlMahdi, may Allah expedite his happy outcome

  Last updated :  April 2, 2018