The Chronological Order Of The Signs Of The Reappearance Of Imam AlMahdi, May Allah expedite His Reappearance

الترتيب الزمني لعلامات ظهور الامام المهدي المنتظر عجل الله تعالى فرجه
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Earth Collapse Near AlMadina

Immaculate Person Killing In Mecca Haram

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Column of Fire in Sky

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AlSufiani Appearance

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The Chronological Order of The Signs of The Reappearance of Imam AlMahdi

Preparation for Imam AlMahdi reappearance Events

Penitence and Piety (Taqwa) Are The Essence of Salvation

Protection From World Wars

Protection From Ramadhan Events

Protection From Endtimes Turmoil

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Did The Prodigy Comet Pass By Earth Previously?

Endtimes In Other Cultures

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Protection From World Wars




The Results:



  • The sign about the beginning of getting ready is when the yellow flags of the Berber - People of the West enter Egypt, conquer it, and occupy its pulpit. The inhabitants of Levant (Greater Syria) and the other regions around the world, which are expected to be the targets of the thermo-nuclear, biological, and chemical war, should dig out shelters for themselves, as that will be the catastrophe.

  • The sign to enter the shelters is when the yellow flags of the Berber - People of the West enter the central area of the Levant; and when the Turk Khazars ‘Bani Qantoorah’ arrive the Syrian Island, and the blond Romans reach deep into Aleppo and the sea shores. By then, if you are able to have a ladder towards the sky (climbing to the upper floors, above the ninth floor, according to modern instructions in the places which are more than twelve kilometers from the center of the explosion), or find a tunnel down in the ground, then do that.

  • There are no instructions in the narratives about building shelters for other than the inhabitants of the Levant in the Middle East. It is also mentioned that Iraq will be hit.

  • It is quite possible that the battle in Circesium (Qirqesia) is the spark which prompts the destructive global war.

  • Storing all daily life requirements, food, water, clothing, medicines, first aid, fuel; and materials for cleaning, sterilizing, heating, lighting, batteries, match sticks, wood cutting tools, plant seeds, fodder for live stock, and books about planting and live stock care, sufficient for a year from the months of Safar to Safar. The sign about when to start storing is the appearance of a trailing shooting star in the month of Safar, which comes before the season of the drought, food shortage, and high prices.

  • Going inside the houses, closing all windows, covering them with thick drapes and curtains, and securing shut all gaps, as was reported in the tradition: "Go inside your houses and close shut your windows" as a protection against the penetration of air polluted with dust and radiation, and against strong wind which carry a blinding blazes of light.

  • Putting on heavy thick clothing, and providing means of heating, as reported in the tradition: "Wrap up yourselves well". For protection against high wind and flying objects and debris.

  • Follow the instructions mentioned in the chapter about the turmoil at the end of time.




The properties of the sign: evidences from some traditions and narratives:



From AlSadiq (AS), from the Leader of the believers Imam Ali, he said: "When the yellow flags enter Egypt and conquer it, and occupy its pulpit, the inhabitants of Levant should dig out for themselves shelters in the ground, as it is the catastrophe. When you are informed that they had descended on Levant, which is the center, and you can find for yourself a ladder to the sky, or a tunnel in the ground, do that. When the black flags come from the east, and the yellow flags from the west, and they meet in the central area of the Levant, that will be the catastrophe. By then under the ground is better than above it". (Kitab Alfitan, Na’eem bin Hamad Almorozi, vol 10, the chapter about what catastrophes had been timed.)


Yahya bin Saeid Al’attar reported from Marwan bin Artaat, from Alhajjaj, from Abdullah bin Saeid, from Tawoos, from Abdullah bin Abbas, from the Prophet (S), he said: "When turmoil from the west and turmoil from the east meet in the central area of the Levant, by then under the ground is better than above it. If you cannot find but the pit of a scorpion, enter it, as there will be a lengthy evil". (Kitab Alfitan, Na’eem bin Hamad Almorozi, p 144).


Abdullah bin Marwan, from Artaat, from Tabee’, from Ka’b, he said: "Should that happen, look for yourself a place in a location, similar to what an ant seeks for its winter, and let that be where it is sufficient and unknown; and the refuge from that and other ones is Medina and its surroundings in Hejaz and the sea coast, being more safe than other places". (Kitab Alfitan, Na’eem bin Hamad Almorozi, p 144)


From Hassaan or others: he said: "When the yellow flags arrive in Egypt, run away, across the land as much as you may. When you are told that they have reached the central area of the Levant, try to find, if you can, a ladder to the sky, or a tunnel under the ground". (Kitab Alfitan, Na’eem bin Hamad Almorozi, p 160).


From Hassaan bin Atiyyah, he said, they used to say: "If you see the yellow flags, then under the ground is better than above it". (Kitab Alfitan, Na’eem bin Hamad Almorozi, p 161).


From Abo Abdullah (AS), he said: "My father (AS) said to me: there must be an event in Azerbaijan for us, which nothing can stand for it. If that comes true, then be inside your houses, and hide whenever we hide. When the one of us begins his movement. Move with him, even on your knees. By Allah, as if I am looking at him between the corner and the Maqaam (the Ka’bah entrance), taking pledges of allegiance from the people on a new book, which is too tough on the Arabs". And he said: "Woe be to the Arab tyrants from an approaching evil". (Albihaar, vol 52, p 135; Alghaybah, of Alno’many, and Almi’jam Almawdhoo’i, p 698.) (two sources).


From Ka’b, he said: "A turmoil will engulf you, like pieces of a dark night; sparing none of the houses of the Muslims, between east and west; nobody can survive it except the one who takes shelter under straight tree branches between them and the sea. The best for the people from that turmoil are the bases of hills, the long beaches alongside the hills, and the safest are the coast and Hejaz". (Kitab Alfitan, of Almorozi, vol 4.)


It is reported that Imam Ali (AS) said to bin Abbass: "… And there will be a severe dearth, oppression, and the killing of the thirsty men of my Household in Alzawra’, and discord and hypocrisy of kings and the king of the non-Arabs. If the Turks will be governing you, go towards the utmost parts of land, and sea shores. Run away, run away…). (M’ijam Ahadeeth Al Imam Almahdi, vol 3, p 28, h # 582.) (two sources).


From the leader of the believers Ali (AS) in the Jefr of the desert of Hama: "And the high priest of the Jews will commit the greatest falsehood, the structure of the synagogue of the Jews will rise high by rancid stones, the killing of the residents of the house become continuous non-stop; there will emerge, from the hearts, processions of flags championing Allah, and black flags will emerge from Khurasan, which nothing can stop them until they are raised in Ellia (Jerusalem). And know you that Iraq will be hit by the ‘egg’ of annihilation, and the AlSufiani will prevail on Levant". (Almofaja’ah, of Mohammad bin Eesa bin Dawood, p 317).



Note: Refer to the pages: ‘Penitence and Piety (Taqwa) Are The Essence of Salvation’, and ‘Protections from the devastating world war’, and ‘Protections from the events of the month of Ramadhan’; and be prepared by making a unified plan suitable for your circumstances and the place of your residence.




Modern instructions for protection from wars of mass destruction, chemical warfare, nuclear warfare; and biological and germinal warfare:



Before discussing the methods of protection, we should know the properties and the magnitude of the dangers of a global war using weapons of mass destruction.



What are the targets likely to be hit?


Regarding the Arab countries, nothing is mentioned about hitting them with weapons of mass destruction, except Levant, and possibly Iraq. It could also be the battle of Circesium (Qirqesia) between AlSufiani the first and the Turk Khazars ‘Bani Qantoorah’, and the blond Romans, in the month of Rabee’ Alawal, in the year of the reappearance of AlMahdi (AJ). Narratives talk about horrible death, and a banquet for beasts of prey, as there will be nobody to bury the dead. Refer to the details in the page about the emergence of AlSufiani.


Regarding the rest of the countries of the world, according to the narratives, and after the annihilation of the army of the Turk Khazars in Circesium (Qirqesia), there will be an alliance in the East to strike at the West, and a counter attack from the West; the war to end in two to four days in a defeat of the East, and of course in a complete destruction of all the world.


Presently, there are about twenty thousand thermo-nuclear war heads, and hundreds of tons of chemical and biological weapons. Because there will be only a short time to allow the two sides to make sure of how to strike the enemy targets accurately, the targets will be struck again two to four times, to make sure of destroying them. Every one knows that destruction will be universal, and no body will be victorious in a world wide war. The only victorious side is the side that can preserve industrial and military capabilities to quickly rebuild his abilities, and be in control of the world after the war. Of course they will not leave the other non-combating industrial countries alone, without destroying their cities and industrial and military complexes, in order to prevent them from becoming powers with human, industrial, and military potential after the war.


Ultimately, the list of the possible targets will be:


  1. Depots, sites, and means of launching weapons of mass destruction.

  2.  All sea ports and airfields, even the civilian ones with long runways, which are suitable for military purposes.

  3. Large and medium size cities and towns. (the larger with approximately one hundred thousand people).

  4.  Military bases, especially Radar sites and control and command centers.

  5.  Industrial complexes.

  6. Energy stations for generating electricity, fuel, and gas.


Wherever you might be, decide which of the above mentioned sites are the nearest one to your habitat, and which are the places outside cities and towns in which you will take shelter. Know the wind directions in these regions, in winter and spring, and avoid being into the wind flow coming from those places. Use a map, or a Google map.



What will happen before the destructive global war:


  1. You will read and hear in the mass media reciprocated threats when the Blond Romans troops land in Alexandria.

  2. The sign of impending danger: The Berber - People of the west with the yellow flags will be fighting the Romans in Alexandria, and will take control of Egypt.

  3. The sign of the global war: The Turk Khazars ‘Bani Qantoorah’ the Russians, will reach the Syrian jazeera, after occupying Iran, Iraq, and Eastern Turkey, and the Blond Romans will reach the depth of Aleppo and the sea shores of Levant. The spark of the global war will probably be the battle of Circesium (Qirqesia), with weapons of mass destruction.

  4. Most states in the worlds had cancelled using alarm sirens; they even closed the nuclear weapons shelters, being of no use, because the time between detected the rockets carrying nuclear weapons and reaching their targets will be less than twenty to thirty minutes, which is insufficient to get protected, or for evacuating the cities. Even if the city where you live was not among the list of the first day targets you will not be able to leave it, because of traffic jams, disorder, general panic, and the disappearance of the police and security forces, who will abandon their stations to rescue themselves and their families, just like every body.


When the Berbers – People of the West will be in control of Egypt after the month of Muharm, you should begin to prepare the place you chose as a shelter outside cities and towns, and to save and store in it provisions for a year, according to the narratives. That will coincide with the appearance of a trailing star in the month of Safar, and the beginning of drought, high prices, and shortage in provisions. Choose a place between mountains and sea shores, under high trees, not close to sea shores, which will be flooded by a tsunami of the events of the middle of the month of Ramadhan. Also avoid cold mountain tops, and places where there will be friction between the plates of the crust of earth, the position of violent earth quakes. The place should be at least fifty kilometers away from any potential target.


When the Berber – People of the West and the Romans will gather in the Levant: leave towns and cities and go to the place of your shelter. There will be no survival by staying in the cities.


When the mass media announce the deployment of mass destruction weapons in the Levant (possibly the battle of Circesium (Qirqesia)), close shut all doors, windows, and ventilation louvers of the house or shelter.




What will happen when there will be a thermo-nuclear explosion?



In the first moments there will be a strong flash which will immediately blind anyone who looks in its direction, accompanied by an Electromagnetic Pulse, which spreads out for hundreds of kilometers, disabling at once all electric and electronic communication systems, transportation systems, energy stations, and any machine or equipment which contain electrical or electronic components.


The Electromagnetic Pulse will be followed by a severe blast of air, at a high temperature, which destroys and burns any thing in its way.


The following chart is for the regions of a nuclear bomb explosion of one megaton magnitude; fifty times stronger than the bomb used against Nagasaki in 1945. The average magnitude now is three hundred megatons; a little more than a third of the power of explosion represented in the following chart…


Following an explosion of a nuclear bomb of one megaton magnitude, the ground is divided into three parts:


  1. Zone zero, the point of the explosion: an area of total destruction and immediate death up to a distance of six and a half kilometer from the point of explosion.

  2.  Zone A, which surrounds the point of explosion: an area of moderate destruction, fire, radiation, third degree burns, and death within days for those who did not immediately die; up to a distance of eleven and a half kilometers from the point of explosion.

  3.  Zone B, which surrounds zone A: an area of light destruction, fire, radiation, second degree burns, and death within weeks for those who id not die before; at a distance of up to eighteen kilometers from the point of explosion.

  4.  Zone C, which surrounds zone B: an area of some fires, radiation, first degree burns, and death within weeks for those who did not die before; at a distance up to forty seven kilometers from the point of explosion.

  5.  Areas beyond zone C: an area of radiation, and possibly cancer and death within years, beyond the distance of forty seven kilometers.

  6.  For all the zones above: In the first moments there will be a strong flash which will immediately blinds anyone who looks in its direction, accompanied by an Electromagnetic Pulse, which spreads out for hundreds of kilometers, disabling at once all electric and electronic communication systems, transportation systems, energy stations, and any system which contains electrical or electronic components.



The strategy announced now is to hit the cities more than once, at close distances, to ensure their complete destruction, not just at the center of a city, but as the following plan shows.



Draw a circle of at least fifty kilometers diameter around all of the targets above, and around the edges of large and medium cities, around your place of residence, and the places you are likely to go to outside the cities. Use a map, or a Google map. You can use free nukemap program.


You will get a map similar to the following map, and look for a place to hire or buy outside the limits of these circles, and against the direction of the prevailing wind. It might be difficult to find a safe place in heavily populated places like Europe and North America…






What will happen at the end of the nuclear explosion?


  1. Fires will continue for some days.

  2. Nuclear radiations, chemical or germinal gases, will spread in the direction of the wind for hundreds of kilometers, and their harmful effect remains for two to four weeks. This spreading will be larger if the explosion takes place at ground level, compared with a mid air explosion, which is more common.

  3.  Nuclear winter begins with polluted rain, cold, low temperature, one to two weeks after it, and continues for many weeks.

  4.  A complete loss of emergency forces of the police, security, and medical teams. There will be no one to help the injured, extinguish the fires, or enforce law and order.

  5.  A complete loss of security, and wide spread looting and rapes, as a result of hunger, and the tendency to satisfy base desires before death.

  6.  Disruption of supplies of water, food, fuel, electricity, and transportation means; and roads will be blocked.

  7.  As time goes, people will be psychologically broken down and will lose all hope, even if they were saved in the shelters from the war effects, and they will commit hysterical actions which expose them and those with them to danger.

  8.  As a result of burns and radiation sickness the second wave of death will occur after four to five weeks.



If you happen to be fifty kilometer far from the thermonuclear, chemical, or germinal explosions, you will be safe from blasts and burns, and from immediate death. But you have to:


  1. Protect yourself from electromagnetic waves when there is an explosion, and for some minutes after it.

  2. Stay for two to four weeks in a tightly closed place that protects you from polluted air.

  3. Stay for a long time in a place that protects you from losing hope, and you might have to move.



These directives are in accordance with the directives of the Messenger (S) and the Imams of the Household (AS):



  • Stay away from large cities (probably the larger ones of more than one hundred thousand people).

  • Go to mountain heights and rainy places, where you can hide and plant some food crops later on.

  • Go to places with high trees between sea shores and mountains to be protected from burning high winds and shrapnel.

  • Have some serviceable transportation means, which do not attract attention, and are not likely to break down, on which you are able to load some goods, in addition to family members, from one place to another, according to the level of dangers.

  • Concentrating on preparing ourselves and our family members and folks, not any others, psychologically, educationally, and practically, about that difficult year, and how to survive it.

  • Concentrating on preparing our women and girls on how to protect themselves, and on every day requirements, like car driving, planting, live stock keeping; as most of the men will perish.

  • Avoid being noticeable, you and your family, in your form and attire, in your house features, and in your car. Be like common people, drawing the attention of nobody, so that if you are seen not to be recognized and if you were absent you will not be missed.

  • Acquire a number of camels and sheep to live on them, and learn planting and live stock keeping.

  • Acquire a piece of land or a house in a region between the sea shore and the mountains, with high trees of many branches where you can take a refuge. No other thing was mentioned as the best thing to possess. Sell your other properties. (Nearly very thing will be destroyed by the wars, the global war, earth quakes, meteorites, fires, and land slides.) From Abo Horairah: "You are likely to have no houses to shelter you, which will be destroyed by tremors, nor any animals to ride in your travels, being killed by thunderbolts". (Alfitan, p 372).

  • It can be concluded that, all financial establishments and currencies will collapse, as a result of high prices, shortage in foodstuff, life requirements, and the failure of political and administrative establishments. Therefore, we have to withdraw our money from banks and businesses, and transfer most of them into small pieces of gold or silver, better not to be crafted into jewelry.

  • Keep inside your houses; by concealing any thing that might indicate that there are people inside, like lightings, sounds, cooking odour, or smoke. Security will fail, and there will be looting, hunger,, high prices, murder, and rape. Store and save all daily life requirements of: food, water, clothing, medicines, first aid, fuel; and materials for cleaning, sterilizing, heating and lighting, batteries, match sticks, wood cutting tools, planting seeds, fodder for what live stock you might have, and books about planting and live stock keeping, to be sufficient for a year from the months of Safar to Safar. The sign about when to start storing is the appearance of a trailing shooting star in the month of Safar; and it is better to begin before the month of Safar, because of the collapse of international economy.

  • Go inside the house, close shut all windows and doors, draw down the curtains and drapes, and close shut all vents for a period of at least two to four weeks, as was narrated in the tradition: "get inside your houses and close shut your windows", for protection from polluted air, atmospheric dust, radiation, and from blasting winds and the blinding flashes of light they carry with them.


It is necessary to watch the following films to have an idea about what might happen after the onset of the global nuclear war:


‘The day After’



Unsurvivable: The Threat of Thermonuclear War Consequences









This is what is required of you:


  1. Be well informed in the contents of the site. Prepare to protect yourself.

  2. Contribute in propagating the information of this site to any one whom you know, and every where. Spread the name and links of this site as much as you can in the social media and to all gatherings, by email and by written messages. Click on the icon of your sharing site below.... Copy rights are open. You are allowed to copy any part and publish it wherever you wish. But let us stay together in one place, and confine all constructive discussions to this site for the benefit of all.

  3. Participate in this investigation. Do research works in libraries, in museums, and in any place, looking for sources, manuscripts, and old references which talk about the events of the end of time, whatever are their origins, of any religion, sect, or ethnicity; and pass them to this site to be published. Send your research works about the reality of the signs of reappearance of the awaited for Imam AlMahdi (AJ), and the order of their occurrence. If you are specialized in any ancient civilization contribute by supplying the site with historical facts relevant to the signs. If you are specialized in sciences of nature and astronomy contribute by explaining the signs in celestial phenomena. If you are conversant in other languages translate for us what you may find about the properties of the signs of the reappearance of awaited for Imam AlMahdi (AJ), and the order of their occurrence.

  4. Write down commentaries, scientific critiques, or the results of your research work regarding every sign, in the place below, on the page related to the signs, for the purpose of further activation of discussions of every one sign at a time.

  5. Download or print out the chronological order of the signs of the reappearance of the awaited for AlMahdi (AJ), may Allah expedite his happy outcome; and look attentively for the signs.





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The chronological order of the signs of the reappearance of AlImam AlMahdi, may Allah expedite his happy outcome

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