The Chronological Order Of The Signs Of The Reappearance Of Imam AlMahdi, May Allah expedite His Reappearance

الترتيب الزمني لعلامات ظهور الامام المهدي المنتظر عجل الله تعالى فرجه
عربي البريد الألكتروني



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Is There Really Imam AlMahdi Coming?

Purpose Of Researching Imam AlMahdi Reappearance Signs

Do We Have To Watch For Imam AlMahdi Reappearance Signs?

Types of Imam AlMahdi Reappearance Signs?

Is It Forbidden To Time Imam AlMahdi Signs?

Will We Impede Imam AlMahdi Coming?

Is There A Sequence For Imam AlMahdi Reappearance Signs?

Research References

Signs of The Reappearance Of AlImam AlMahdi

The Known Day

Imam AlMahdi Reappearance Day

Imam AlMahdi Companions

Earth Collapse Near AlMadina

Immaculate Person Killing In Mecca Haram

Alhejaz Governor Death

Ramadhan Month Events

Ramadhan Month Eclipses

Column of Fire in Sky

Redness in Sky

Mid Ramadhan Month Events

Ramadhan Month Scream in Sky

Flimsy Sky

Sunrise From The West

Conversion of Some People into Pigs and Monkeys

Ramadhan Month Heavens Call

End of Astrological Timing

Rajeb Month Events

Rajeb Month Scream in Sky

Pointing Hand in Sky

Face Image on Moon

AlSufiani Appearance

AlKhurasani Appearance

AlYamani Alhashemi Appearance

Star in The East

Jumada Month Events

Circesium battle

Destructive World Wars

Fighting Troops in Syria

Black Flags Troops

Pale Face Leader - Alashab

Piebald Leader - Yellow Flags Troops

Bni Qais Troops

Alhasania Troops

Almansoor Alyamani Alqhatani Appearance

Kufa (Iraq) Events

Kurds Endtimes Events

Turks Endtimes Events

Romans Endtimes Events

Knotting A Bridge Past Alkarkh

Damascus Call - Earthquake


Euphrates Treasure


Dajjal - Anti-Christ

Buratha Masjid

Imam AlMahdi Reappearance Time in Narration

Research Results

The Chronological Order of The Signs of The Reappearance of Imam AlMahdi

Preparation for Imam AlMahdi reappearance Events

Penitence and Piety (Taqwa) Are The Essence of Salvation

Protection From World Wars

Protection From Ramadhan Events

Protection From Endtimes Turmoil

Related Miscellaneous Issues

Did The Prodigy Comet Pass By Earth Previously?

Endtimes In Other Cultures

Endtimes Possibilities





Protection From Ramadhan Events




The Results:



  • The events of Ramadan are not natural events, but are orders of Allah, led by angels.

  • The sign for beginning the preparations is the column of fire in the sky.

  • Store and save all daily life requirements of: food, water, clothing, medicines, first aid, fuel; and materials for cleaning, sterilizing, for heating and lighting, some batteries, match sticks, wood cutting tools, seeds for planting, fodder for the live stock you have, and books about planting and live stock keeping, to be sufficient for a year from the months of Safar to Safar. The sign about when to start storing is the appearance of the tailed star sign in the month of Safar.

  • After dawn prayers on Friday, at the middle of Ramadan: get inside the house, close shut doors and windows, and put curtains and drapes on them, and close any vents, as is narrated in the tradition: "Get inside your houses and close your windows", for protection from air polluted by atmospheric dust and radiation, and from blasting winds, and the blinding flashes of light they carry with them.

  • Put on heavy clothes, and provide means of heating, as is narrated in the tradition: "Wrap up yourselves well" for protection from cold and flying splinters and debris.

  • Close your ears, as in the tradition; "And close your ears". To be protected from high frequency sound waves, and strong blasts of air.

  • When we feel the scream: "If you feel the scream". He ordered us to prostate directly on the ground, as in the tradition: "And fall to Allah in prostration". For protection from electromagnetic waves, by sticking the head directly on the ground, not on carpets or artificial floors of wood, or on artificial floors which are electrically insulating.

  • Imam Ja’far Alsadiq (AS) said that these events are not just natural phenomena, but an order of Allah, led by angels; that is why the Prophet (S) ordered us to say when prostrating: ‘Exalted He the Most Holy, Exalted He the Most Holy, our Lord the Most Holy’. "Subhaana Alquddoos, Subhaana Alquddoos, Rabbuna Alquddoos". which are the phrases reported in the tradition, to inform the angels about the location of our residence.

  • Any one who performs the above mentioned steps, will be safe, and will perish who does not.




The properties of the sign: evidences from some traditions and narratives:



Na’eem said: Abo Amr told us from bin Luhay’ah, that Abdul Wahhab said, from Mohammad bin Thabit Albanaani, from his father, from Alhaarith Alhamadani, from bin Mas’ood, from the Prophet (S), who said: "When the scream happens in the month of Ramadhan, there will be an uproar in the month of Shawal, and discrimination of tribes in the month of Dhul Qadah, blood shed in the months of Dhul Hijjah and Muharm, and what a Muharm it will be". Saying that thrice, "How impossible!, how impossible! People will be killed in great commotion, in great commotion". We said: And what is the scream, O Messenger of Allah? He said: "That will be in the middle of the month of Ramadhan, on a Friday forenoon, that is when Ramadhan will be on the eve of Friday. It will awaken the sleeping, seats the standing, and makes the damsels leave their private rooms on the eve of Friday. When you have prayed the dawn prayers, enter inside your houses, close shut your doors, close shut your windows, wrap yourselves well, close your ears. And when you feel the scream fall down in prostration to Allah, and say: 'Exalted He the Most Holy, Exalted He the Most Holy, our Lord the Most Holy'. "Subhaana Alquddoos, Subhaana Alquddoos, Rabbuna Alquddoos. Any one who does that will be safe, and will perish who dose not". (Almalaahim wal Fitan, of bin Tawoos, h # 72; Aqd Aldurar: 103; Fitan Alsalili, h # 411; Alfitan, vol 1, pp 228/638.


Imam Ja’far Alsadiq (AS) said: "When the Almutanakkis….’ , and Bayt Almaqdis (Jerusalem) is demolished, and the Jeem comes out of the Meem, then expect the scream. When you hear the scream close shut your doors and your windows and cover them with curtains and drapes, and save food stuff, because it is the sign of the greatest disaster. After that AlSufiani will appear, and AlYamani, AlKhurasani, and my son AlMahdi". (Dawhat Alanwar).


From Kuthayyir bin Morrah Alhadhrami, who did not relate it to the Prophet (S): "When you see a column of fire on the east in the month of Ramadhan in the sky, prepare as much food as you can, as it will be a year of famine. / The sign of the event in Ramadhan is a column of fire that appears in the sky, similar to the neck of camels, or to columns of iron. If you see it prepare for your family food stuff for one year". ((Mi’jam Ahadeeth AlMahdi, vol 1, p 271, h # 171.) (five sources))


The Messenger of Allah (S) said: "The sign of the two events in Ramadhan is a sign in the sky, followed by disaccords between people. If you come across that save as much food stuff as you can". (Kitab Alfitan, by Na’eem bin Hamad Almorozi, the chapter on a sign in the sky, vol 3: 60).


We are told by Eesa bin Younis, and Alwaleed bin Moslem, from Abdullah bin Obaid, from Thawr bin Yazid, from Khalid bin Mi’dan, that he said: "An evidence will appear, a column of fire appears on the east, to be seen by all people on earth. Anyone who comes across that should prepare for his family food stuff for one year". (Kitab Alfitan, Na’eem bin Hamad Almorozi, vol 1: 227 / 633) (A column of fire in four sources).


From bin Wahab from bin Ayyash, from Obaidullah bin Obaid, from Abo Horairah, he said: "You will be almost unable to find any houses to contain you, being destroyed by tremors, nor any animals to take you where you want in your travels, being killed by thunderbolts". (Kitab Alfitan, Na’eem bin Hamad Almorozi, p 372).









This is what is required of you:


  1. Be well informed in the contents of the site. Prepare to protect yourself.

  2. Contribute in propagating the information of this site to any one whom you know, and every where. Spread the name and links of this site as much as you can in the social media and to all gatherings, by email and by written messages. Click on the icon of your sharing site below.... Copy rights are open. You are allowed to copy any part and publish it wherever you wish. But let us stay together in one place, and confine all constructive discussions to this site for the benefit of all.

  3. Participate in this investigation. Do research works in libraries, in museums, and in any place, looking for sources, manuscripts, and old references which talk about the events of the end of time, whatever are their origins, of any religion, sect, or ethnicity; and pass them to this site to be published. Send your research works about the reality of the signs of reappearance of the awaited for Imam AlMahdi (AJ), and the order of their occurrence. If you are specialized in any ancient civilization contribute by supplying the site with historical facts relevant to the signs. If you are specialized in sciences of nature and astronomy contribute by explaining the signs in celestial phenomena. If you are conversant in other languages translate for us what you may find about the properties of the signs of the reappearance of awaited for Imam AlMahdi (AJ), and the order of their occurrence.

  4. Write down commentaries, scientific critiques, or the results of your research work regarding every sign, in the place below, on the page related to the signs, for the purpose of further activation of discussions of every one sign at a time.

  5. Download or print out the chronological order of the signs of the reappearance of the awaited for AlMahdi (AJ), may Allah expedite his happy outcome; and look attentively for the signs.





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Count Down of the Signs

  Preceding Years

  Dhul Hijjah - 2 years before

  Jumada Alawal - a year before

  Jumada Alakhirah - Shawal - a year before

  Dhul Qadah - a year before

  Dhul Hijjah - a year before

  Muharm - a year before


  Rabee' Alawal

  Rabee' Alakhirah

  Jumada Alawal

  Jumada Alakhirah





  Dhul Qadah

  Dhul Hijjah

Muharm - Appearance month

  Published 10 Muharm 1435 \  13-11-13

The chronological order of the signs of the reappearance of AlImam AlMahdi, may Allah expedite his happy outcome

  Last updated :  April 20, 2016