The Chronological Order Of The Signs Of The Reappearance Of Imam AlMahdi, May Allah expedite His Reappearance

الترتيب الزمني لعلامات ظهور الامام المهدي المنتظر عجل الله تعالى فرجه
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Is There A Sequence For Imam AlMahdi Reappearance Signs?

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Is There A Sequence For Imam AlMahdi (AJ) Reappearance Signs?



We always read and hear that some of the signs had been realized in the past… but the awaited Imam AlMahdi (AJ) did not appear!


This is a very important point.


As you know, many signs have singularly come true across many eras, which were considered by some knowledgeable men, amongst them some scholars, as an indication of the imminent reappearance of the awaited Imam AlMahdi (AJ), and they gave good tidings to the people about it.


But the promised reappearance did not come true; the matter that caused a reaction and doubts about the credibility of the signs; even about the fact that there will be a Mahdi at the end of time!...


So where is the mistake?


1. That particular sign was not the intended sign at all, and was different in its detailed properties; that is to say it did not come true at all.

2. Some of these signs were, by their nature, recurring signs.

3. It was only one sign, while the other many signs did not come true. This is a proof that it was not the intended sign, because all the signs will come true close to the reappearance, not many years and centuries before it.


Therefore, we have to study the signs in a scientific way to determine the properties of each sign as accurately as possible, to avoid such disappointing mistakes. There are also some narratives which talk about the signs being connected and sequenced.



The signs are arranged like a system of beads


From the Messenger (S): "Expect sequenced signs from the sky arranged like a system of beads… By then they should anticipate … signs which follow in succession like a worn out order of beads, the cord of which had snapped, and they followed each other". (Mi’jam Ahadeeth Al’imam AlMahdi, vol 3, p 228, h # 542.) (nine sources).


From Ali, commander of the believers (AS): "… A system like a chain of beads, one following the other…" (Mi’jam Ahadeeth Al’imam AlMahdi, vol 3, p 254, h # 783.) (thirty seven sources).


From AlHossain bin Ali (AS): "… It is like a beads ring, one following the other.." (Mi’jam Ahadeeth Al’imam AlMahdi, . vol 3, p 450, h # 1005). (six sources).


From Ali, the commander of the believers (AS): "…And there will come unto you successive signs like a system of beads, their cord had snapped, and they followed each other…" (Mi’jam Ahadeeth Al’imam AlMahdi, . vol 3, p 26, h # 582.) (two sources).





Allah (E H) created Mohammad the Messenger (S) guarantying to us that he is the one: "Your companion had not gone astray nor has he erred (2). Nor does he speak out of whims (3). It is but an inspiration revealed (4). He was taught by one who is intense in power (5). (Quran, Alnajm). The Messenger's phrases are accurately chosen by a Godly inspiration, and the Messenger (S) taught that to his Ahlulbayt (People of the Prophetic House) Imams (AS), who followed this noble Prophetic statement of his. Therefore, there is conformity between the phrases of the Quran and the phrases of the Prophetic statement of the Messenger Mohammad (S), and the narratives of the Imams of Ahlulbayt (People of the Prophetic House)(AS). We have to benefit from that, to explore the properties and the sequence of the signs by studying the verses, Prophetic statements, and the narratives which conform to each other.


According to this principle, we understand from the phrase: ‘worn out system’ to be a long period, until the time comes of ‘snapping its cord’.


And from the phrase: ‘succession’ we understand that signs will be orderly successive.


From the example of a bead ring we understand the quick succession of the occurrence of signs when their time comes; together with the impossibility of preventing their occurrence, or controlling how or where they occur.


Therefore, there is a certain connection between, and a definite sequence of the signs. As the reappearance cannot be realized before all the signs are realized, so the fifth sign cannot come before the fourth sign, which in turn should be preceded by the third, the second, and the first, successively.


Together with that, the Prophetic statements of the Messenger (S) and the Imams of his Ahlulbayt (People of the Prophetic House) (AS) about the signs of the reappearance of Imam AlMahdi (AJ), indicate that they cannot take place years or centuries before the reappearance. If they tell us that a sign had occurred, and the Imam (AJ) did not reappear, people will be in despair, and will be doubtful about the signs, even about the credibility of the concept of a saviour to appear at the end of time. We should not confuse Prophetic statements and Imams' narratives which talk about what is likely to happen in the future and have no indications connecting the signs of reappearance, with those which have such indications. According to most of the Prophetic statements and Imams' narratives related to the signs of reappearance, the signs which are close in time to the reappearance of the awaited Imam AlMahdi (AJ) will take place within the span of one year of the reappearance.



The coincidence in time of the dates of the signs


Regarding the timely coincidence of some signs in the calendar, like the coincidence of the Islamic Hijri calendar with the days of the week, for example, the first day of Ramadan of the year of reappearance will be on a Friday, as we will see later on, that will recur every eight years, according to the celestial calculations. As the Hijri year (the lunar year) consists of approximately fifty weeks, four days, eight hours, fifty two minutes, and forty eight seconds. It does not complete the fifty first week.


Regarding the coincidence of a Hijri calendar day with a solar calendar day, or the occurrence of the month of Ramadan of the year of reappearance to be in summer, that will occur every thirty three years, and seven months and six days, according to celestial calculations. The Hijri year is shorter than the solar year by ten days, twenty one hours, seven minutes, and twelve seconds, approximately. The coincidence of the thirty days of the month of Ramadan with the ninety days of the summer season will recur more often.


• The Hijri calendar coincides with the days of the week every eight years.

• The Hijri calendar coincides with the solar calendar every thirty three years, seven months, and six days.


Therefore, by their nature, these signs reoccur … Do not be in a hurry and believe the arbitrary timers!






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  4. Write down commentaries, scientific critiques, or the results of your research work regarding every sign, in the place below, on the page related to the signs, for the purpose of further activation of discussions of every one sign at a time.

  5. Download or print out the chronological order of the signs of the reappearance of the awaited for AlMahdi (AJ), may Allah expedite his happy outcome; and look attentively for the signs.





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  Published 10 Muharm 1435 \  13-11-13

The chronological order of the signs of the reappearance of AlImam AlMahdi, may Allah expedite his happy outcome

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