The Chronological Order Of The Signs Of The Reappearance Of Imam AlMahdi, May Allah expedite His Reappearance

الترتيب الزمني لعلامات ظهور الامام المهدي المنتظر عجل الله تعالى فرجه
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Research References

Signs of The Reappearance Of AlImam AlMahdi

The Known Day

Imam AlMahdi Reappearance Day

Imam AlMahdi Companions

Earth Collapse Near AlMadina

Immaculate Person Killing In Mecca Haram

Alhejaz Governor Death

Ramadhan Month Events

Ramadhan Month Eclipses

Column of Fire in Sky

Redness in Sky

Mid Ramadhan Month Events

Ramadhan Month Scream in Sky

Flimsy Sky

Sunrise From The West

Conversion of Some People into Pigs and Monkeys

Ramadhan Month Heavens Call

End of Astrological Timing

Rajeb Month Events

Rajeb Month Scream in Sky

Pointing Hand in Sky

Face Image on Moon

AlSufiani Appearance

AlKhurasani Appearance

AlYamani Alhashemi Appearance

Star in The East

Jumada Month Events

Circesium battle

Destructive World Wars

Fighting Troops in Syria

Black Flags Troops

Pale Face Leader - Alashab

Piebald Leader - Yellow Flags Troops

Bni Qais Troops

Alhasania Troops

Almansoor Alyamani Alqhatani Appearance

Kufa (Iraq) Events

Kurds Endtimes Events

Turks Endtimes Events

Romans Endtimes Events

Knotting A Bridge Past Alkarkh

Damascus Call - Earthquake


Euphrates Treasure


Dajjal - Anti-Christ

Buratha Masjid

Imam AlMahdi Reappearance Time in Narration

Research Results

The Chronological Order of The Signs of The Reappearance of Imam AlMahdi

Preparation for Imam AlMahdi reappearance Events

Penitence and Piety (Taqwa) Are The Essence of Salvation

Protection From World Wars

Protection From Ramadhan Events

Protection From Endtimes Turmoil

Related Miscellaneous Issues

Did The Prodigy Comet Pass By Earth Previously?

Endtimes In Other Cultures

Endtimes Possibilities





Protection From Endtimes Turmoil




The Results:



  • Do not join or fight alongside any party, except under the banner of AlYamani (and the third black flags troops of AlKurasani), where it is prohibited not to support him, and selling armaments to other sides .

  • Be far away from large towns and cities (those of probably more than one hundred thousand inhabitants).

  • Be far away from the cities which will be sunk; Damascus (between Harasta and AlJabiyah), Baghdad (one of its sides), Basra, and the desert on the road between Medina and Mecca, at Dhulhudhaifah between Aljamawain, and the region of the mountain of gold which the Euphrates will uncover, (between the two towns of Alhindiyah and Alkifl, on the Middle Euphrates in Iraq).

  • Take refuge in the upper sides of mountains (the high areas of mountains where you can settle), and in rainy places where you can hide and plant some food products.

  • Take refuge in regions of high trees between sea shores and mountains, neither the high ones nor the low lying ones.

  • Acquire or rent/lease land/ farm/ house in regions between sea coasts and mountains, with high trees of many branches where you can take refuge. No other things were mentioned as the best of property, so sell out all your other properties (almost every thing will be destroyed by the wars, by the global war, by earth quakes, tailed star signs, fires, and by land sinking).

  • Acquire suitable means of transportation, which do not attract the attention, and are not likely to get unserviceable, on which you can load some goods, in addition to family members, to move from one place to another, according to the potential dangers.

  • Concentrating on preparing ourselves and our family members and folks, none others; mentally, educationally, and practically, about that difficult year, and how to survive it.

  • Concentrating on preparing our women and daughters on how to protect themselves, and on doing daily requirements, like car driving, planting, animal care...etc. Many of the men will be killed.

  • Do not be and your family noticeable to others in your attire, in your appearance, and in your house and car. Be like the common people that no body notices you; and if you are out you will not be recognized, nor would you be missed if you are absent.

  • It can be concluded that, because of high prices, shortage in food and life provisions, and the collapse of the political and administrative systems, the financial establishments and the currencies will all fail. Therefore, we should withdraw our assets and money from the banks, and convert most of them into small pieces of gold and silver.

  • Acquire some camels and sheep by means of which you can subsist, and learn planting and live stock keeping.

  • Stay inside your houses: conceal any outward appearance which might indicate that there is somebody in the house, like illumination, sound, cooking odour, or smoke (security will be lost, and looting, hunger, high prices, killing and rape, will all be common place).

  • Store and save all daily life requirements of: food, water, clothing, medicines, first aid, fuel; and materials for cleaning, sterilizing, for heating and lighting, some batteries, match sticks, wood cutting tools, seeds for planting, fodder for the live stock you may have, and books about planting and live stock keeping, to be sufficient for a year, from the months of Safar to Safar. The sign for beginning to store is the appearance of the tailed star sign in the month of Safar.

  • Keep supplicating with the supplication of a drowning person: "O Allah, O the All Merciful, the most Merciful; the flipper of the hearts, make my heart adhere to your religion".


Regarding place of residence, in addition to leaving large cities, here are three different recommendations; all of them might be suitable for a particular region, during a particular period, or according to people’s financial capabilities. They are: hiding inside the houses, preparing to move and change location with few possessions, leaving houses and taking refuge in regions between sea shores and mountains with high trees of long branches.


Of course we know that defense of self, folks and properties, is a religious duty, and whoever is killed will be a martyr. Accordingly, it can be concluded that not taking part in these turmoils means not leaving the place and the city of your residence for the purpose of taking part in, or supporting the invasion of the others somewhere else. As about defending the place of your residence, it is a duty. In case you are certain that it is impossible, by then you have to go towards the country side, between high mountains and sea shores. Self defense of your place of residence includes not allowing the enemy to be in the surrounding locations. According to the kinds of weapons of the present days, and the high speed of moving around, it makes the locations of these surrounding places far away from residence location.




The properties of the sign: evidences from some traditions and narratives:



The results as mentioned above had been concluded from the following traditions and narratives. Pay attention to the underlined phrases and connect them with each other…


We were told by bin ‘Oyaynah, from Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman Alansari, from his father, from Abo Saeid Alkhodri, from the Prophet (S): "It is about to be that the best property of the Muslim are sheep, taking them towards the heights of mountains, and rainy places, running away with his religion from turmoils". (Kitab Alfitan, by Na’eem bin Hamad Almorozi, vol 4.).


We were told by Abdul Quddoos, from Safwan, from Saeid bin Khalid, from Matar, the follower of Om Hakim, from Ka’b, that he said: "You will be covered by a turmoil, like a dark night, no house of the Muslims, east or west, can be saved from them. No one can get free of them except the one who takes refuge in the shades of trees, between them and the sea. The safest thing for people from that turmoil are the feet of hills, sea shores, and the best will be the coast and Hejaz" . (Kitab Alfitan, by Na’eem bin Hamad Almorozi, vol 4.).


From the Messenger (S): “There will be turmoil, the one sitting is better than the one standing; and the one standing is better than the one walking; and the one walking better than the one running. The one who faces it, it will face him. Any one who could find a shelter in it let him take refuge in it. When it happens, let the one who has a herd of camels to be with them; and the one who has a herd of sheep, let him be with them. The one who has a land, to him be in his land. If he had none of those, let him break his sword at a stone, and escape if he can. A camel with a saddle is better than a town which allows one hundred thousand. / A camel with a saddle, by which the believer can escape is better than a town which allows one hundred thousand". (Kitab Alfitan, by Na’eem bin Hamad Almorozi, vol 4.).


And turmoils will swoop down, when no one will say: ‘there in no God but Allah’. A man will pray just to be seen by people. Thus, go to the country peripheries and sea shores and low lands, and escape". (Kitab Alfitan, by Na’eem bin Hamad Almorozi, vol 4.).


Bin Wahab said to us, from Sofian, from Salamah bin Kuhail, from Abo Alza’raa’, from Abdullah, he said: "That day, the best property are a good weapon and a good horse, by which the servant can withdraw to where he wanted". (Kitab Alfitan, by Na’eem bin Hamad Almorozi, vol 4.).


Mo’ammar bin Khothaim said: the Messenger of Allah (S) said: "The best of people in times of turmoils is a man who eats by his sword in the cause of Allah, and a man at the summit of a high land, eating from the product of his sheep". (Kitab Alfitan, by Na’eem bin Hamad Almorozi, vol 4.)


From Hodhaifah, he said: The Messenger of Allah (S) said: "O Abdullah bin Amr, what will you do when you will be left with a scum of people, whose obligation and integrity have become jumbled, (and he joined his fingers together like this)". He said: And what do you order me to do? He said: "Attend to those closest of them to you, and leave the commoners of them". (Albokhari: under the title: ‘When a scum of people remain.’ Bin Hajar said: This quotation is the text of a tradition related by Altabari, and considered correct by bin Hayyan, from Abo Horairah.)


From Abo Horairah: the Prophet (S) said: "The happiest one in time of turmoil is every one who is obscure and pure. If he is present he will not be recognized, and if he is absent he will not be missed. The most retched of the people is a every lousy orator, or the one who occupies a position. No one may escape their evil except the one who is faithful in his supplication, like the supplication of a man drowning in the sea". (Kitab Alfitan, by Na’eem bin Hamad Almorozi, h # 728.)


Ibn Almobarak said: I know some one in Koofah, whose name I think is Mosafir. He said, from Imam Ali (AS), to have said: "At that tine every lethargic believer will survive". Ibn Almobarak, from Abo Bakr bin Ayyash, said: they said to Imam Ali bin Abo Taalib (AS), what is a lethargic? He said: "A man who keeps silent during turmoil, nothing comes out of him". (Kitab Alfitan, by Na’eem bin Hamad Almorozi, vol 4.).


From Abo Horairah, from the Messenger of Allah (S): "The Euphrates would be about to recede uncovering a mountain of gold. Anyone was present should not take anything of it". (Narrated by Albokhari in Kitab Alfitan.)


Abo Mo’awiyah narrated : Suhail bin Salih told us, from his father, from Abo Horairah, from the Prophet (S), he said: "Before the days are gone, the Euphrates will recede uncovering a mountain of gold, where there will be much killing, when so many will be killed out of the hundred. If you are a witness to that do not get close to them. (Kitab Alfitan, by Na’eem bin Hamad Almorozi, p 372.)


From Sudair, said: Abo Abdullah (AS) said: "O Sudair: Stay inside your house, and be one of those who remain hidden inside it. Stay calm, as long as day and night stay calm. And when you are informed that AlSufiani had emerged travel to us, even on your feet ... ". (Mi’jam Ahadeeth Imam AlMahdi (AJ), vol 3, p 467, h # 1030.) (five sources).


Imam Ahmed said: Affan told us, from Hammad bin Salamah, from Thabit, from Anas, from the Prophet (S), that he said: "We were talking that the Endtime shall not come until the sky will not rain, and the land will give no products, and there will be fifty women to one man; a woman will pass by a man, who will say: there used to be a man for this woman". (Kitab Alfitan, by Na’eem bin Hamad Almorozi, p 176.)


The Messenger of Allah (S) said: : "The sign of the events in the month of Ramadhan is a sign in the sky, after which there will be discords among the people. If you will be a witness to that, save as much food as you can"... From Kuthayyir bin Morrah Alhadhrami, and he did not ascribe it to the Prophet (S), that he said: "If you see a column of fire in the sky in the month of Ramadhan prepare as much food as you can; it will be a year of famine. The evidence of the event in Ramadhan is a column of fire rising in the sky, similar to the necks of camels, or columns of iron. If you are a witness to it save for your family food stuff for a year". (Mi’jam Ahadeeth Imam AlMahdi (AJ). vol 1, p 271, h # 171.) (five sources).


From Abo Ja’far (AS), that he said: "I am about to see some people emerging from the east, wanting the right but are denied it, and wanting it but are denied it. When they see that they will brandish their swords, and they will be offered what they wanted; but they will refuse it, until they revolt, and will give it to nobody except your Commandant. Their men who will be killed are martyrs. Would I be a witness to that, I will keep myself for the Commandant (Sahib Alamer)". (Albihaar, vol 52, p 243, from Alghaybah, of Alno’many).


From Abo Ja’far, Mohammad bin Ali (AS): "The emergence of AlSufiani, AlYamani, and AlKhurasani, will all be in one year, in one month, and in one day; like a string of beads, one following the other. There will be hardship in all aspects. Woe to the one who will stand against them, and no banner will be better guided than the banner of AlYamani. It is the banner of the right guidance, because he will be calling for your Commandant. When AlYamani will emerge, selling armaments to people and to every Muslim will be prohibited. When AlYamani emergences join him, because his banner is the banner of right guidance, and it is not allowed for any Muslim to stand against him. Any one who does that will be in hell fire, because AlYamani is calling for the right and for a straight path.” (Mi’jam Ahadeeth Imam AlMahdi, vol 3, p 254, h # 783.) (thirty seven sources).


From Imam Alsadiq (AS): "Ahead of the emergence of AlQa'em (Imam In-Charge: AlMahdi (AJ)) there will be signs from Allah (E H) to the believers". I said: And what are they, let me be a sacrifice to you? He said: "It is in the words of Allah (E H): *And we shall afflict you (meaning the believers before the emergence of AlMahdi, AS) with some fear, hunger, and shortage in selves and property, and in fruitage; and give good tidings to those who endure*. He said; He will afflict them with some fear from the kings of the clan of so and so, at the end of their reign; and with hunger from high prices, and shortage in property, because of economic depression and no surpluses, and shortages in selves because of horrible death, and shortages in fruitage because of low yield in what are planted. And give good tidings to those who endure, by then, by the acceleration of the reappearance of AlQa'em (Imam In-Charge: AlMahdi (AJ)). Then he said to me: “O Mohammad, this is its interpretation, Allah said: *And no one knows its interpretation except Allah, and those well firm in Knowledge*". (Mi’jam Ahadeeth Imam AlMahdi, vol 5, p 41, h # 1463.) (twenty six sources).


From Imam Albaqir and Imam Alsadiq (AS): "Ahead of the AlQa'em (Imam In-Charge: AlMahdi (AJ)) there must be a year in which people will be hungry, and severely scared of killing, and shortage in money, selves, and fruitage. That is in the book of Allah, in the following verse: *And we shall afflict you with some fear, hunger, and shortage in selves and property, and in fruitage; and give good tidings to those who endure*". (Mi’jam Ahadeeth Imam AlMahdi, vol 5, p 43, h # 1464.) (seven sources).



‘Alfay’ (gains): This term is repeated in the tradition in all its forms. It is what the Muslims gain from the properties of the non-believers without war or strife. This revenue was called gains because the property was returned to the Muslims from the property of the non-believers without fighting. What the Muslims won from the property of the non-believers in war, is called booties.

‘Alsayf’ (sword): The known weapon; and the lengthy sea coast, close to the hills.

‘Aldaskarah’ (village) which yields one hundred thousand: A village, a silo, flat land, houses of non-Arabs, or a building like a palace surrounded by houses, i. e. large cities.

Alqatab (wooden saddle): A small saddle the size of the hump of a camel, i. e, small personal effects.

‘Shi’af Aljibal’ (mountain tops): The level areas on top of a mountain, where it is possible to settle on. ‘Mawaqi’ Alqatr’ (rainy places): Places where rain falls.

‘Afnan’ (branches): long and flowing tree branches, up and down and sideways.

‘Rusul ghanam’ : a flock of sheep.



Omar asked the leader of the believers Ali (AS): Is there a sign about that? He said: "Yes. Horrible killing, quick death, terrible plague, only a third of the people will stay alive at that time. A caller will call from the sky in the name of a man of my sons, and there will be much evidence that those alive will crave for death because of the horrors they see. The one who perishes will be at rest, and the one who will have some goodness with Allah will be saved. Then a man from my sons shall appear, who will fill earth with fairness and justice, after it was full of oppression and injustice …" (Mi’jam Ahadeeth Imam AlMahdi, vol 3, p 141, h # 678.) (four sources).


The following narrative might be realized on the year of reappearance, or afterwards:


Na’eem bin Hamad, the tutor of Albokhari, narrated by his documentations, from Abdullah bin Mas’ood, from the Prophet (S), to have said: "… The Romans will attack all the Arabs who are left in their countries and kill them; that no Arab man or woman or child in the country of the Romans will be saved from killing". (Narrated by Albokhari, from Kitab Alfitan, of Na’eem bin Hamad Almorozi.)










This is what is required of you:


  1. Be well informed in the contents of the site. Prepare to protect yourself.

  2. Contribute in propagating the information of this site to any one whom you know, and every where. Spread the name and links of this site as much as you can in the social media and to all gatherings, by email and by written messages. Click on the icon of your sharing site below.... Copy rights are open. You are allowed to copy any part and publish it wherever you wish. But let us stay together in one place, and confine all constructive discussions to this site for the benefit of all.

  3. Participate in this investigation. Do research works in libraries, in museums, and in any place, looking for sources, manuscripts, and old references which talk about the events of the end of time, whatever are their origins, of any religion, sect, or ethnicity; and pass them to this site to be published. Send your research works about the reality of the signs of reappearance of the awaited for Imam AlMahdi (AJ), and the order of their occurrence. If you are specialized in any ancient civilization contribute by supplying the site with historical facts relevant to the signs. If you are specialized in sciences of nature and astronomy contribute by explaining the signs in celestial phenomena. If you are conversant in other languages translate for us what you may find about the properties of the signs of the reappearance of awaited for Imam AlMahdi (AJ), and the order of their occurrence.

  4. Write down commentaries, scientific critiques, or the results of your research work regarding every sign, in the place below, on the page related to the signs, for the purpose of further activation of discussions of every one sign at a time.

  5. Download or print out the chronological order of the signs of the reappearance of the awaited for AlMahdi (AJ), may Allah expedite his happy outcome; and look attentively for the signs.





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The chronological order of the signs of the reappearance of AlImam AlMahdi, may Allah expedite his happy outcome

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